Protect The Hearing You Have!

Hearing loss is a gradual and normal part of the aging process. However, excessive noise exposure is still the primary cause. Once permanent hearing loss occurs, it cannot be reversed. Permanent hearing loss can occur almost instantly when exposed to excessive noise levels such as gun fire or a fire cracker exploding at close range. […]

Will Hearing Aids Restore My Hearing To Normal?

Before you begin a trial period with hearing aids, it’s important to have realistic expectations for how the devices can address your hearing loss. Avoid frustration and discouragement by understanding the level of benefit hearing instruments can and cannot provide. The level of benefit may be unique to each person based on their degree of […]

Two Is Better Than One!

The majority of my patients have hearing loss in both ears. Yet, I am always surprised at their reaction when I tell them they need two hearing aids to compensate for the loss they have in each ear! “Can’t I wear just one?” “Do I really need two?” My response to these questions is simple. […]

Retrain Your Brain!

Retrain Your Brain! Getting the most out of your hearing aids  Congratulations on taking the step to better hearing.  Good communication effects everything.  The National Council on Aging reports that hearing loss negatively impacts quality of life, personal relationships, communication ability and it can cause depression.  Although no hearing aid can restore hearing to normal, […]

7 Tips For Hearing Better At Your Favorite Restaurant

Following a conversation in a noisy restaurant can be a challenge for those who have normal hearing.  But when you have hearing loss, the clanging dishes, music, and voices in a large open area can make hearing when dining out nearly impossible.  In Zagat’s 2014 America’s Top Restaurants Survey, a noisy restaurant is the #1 […]

I Will Admit It – I Am A Hearing Aid Tech Geek!

I would definitely say that I am a hearing aid tech Geek!  I find the progress in hearing aids to be amazing.  I read all of my hearing journals, I stay on top of the newest advances and I believe in my heart that I help improve lives through better hearing.  My family gets to […]

Tips for Communicating With Someone Who is Hearing Impaired

Tips for Communicating With Someone Who is Hearing Impaired Does someone you know wear hearing aids but they still sometimes have difficulty understanding what is being said?  Hearing aids cannot fix the damage inside the ear, they simply amplify the damaged haircells.  So sometimes the person still may misinterprete what is being said.  There are […]

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